Sunday, 11 January 2015

Fashion, style, swagger and other such mysteries

"Where's your will to be weird?" 

-Jim Morrison 

Everybody wants to be 'different'. Everybody wants to 'unique'.
Nobody wants to be weird. 

For what is weird? Weird is unexpected. Weird is outrageous. Weird is silly, stupid and downright mad. 
Weird can't be bought and sold in XS or XL. 
Weird can't be exchanged for money, weird can't be worn or applied. Weird is unattainable. 
Weird can just be.

Weird is not different or unique. 
Weird is the grunt in your laughter. Weird is the pyjama you slip into after-hours. 
Weird is the bushy eyebrow. Weird is being happy anyhow.

What i am really trying to say here is:
Weird is everything you are but want to hide. 

So don't let your weirdness hide behind your clothes. Embrace it, sing it, say it, wear it. It makes you the kind of awesome that counts.
People see your clothes and then you. But who ever gave a flying duck to what people see or say?

Now that my sermon is almost coming to a close, let's address the title of this blog.
The title of this blog is as misleading as the brands that sell beauty in eco-friendly bags.
But just for the sake of closing the loop and giving the illusion of sense that this article is mostly not, here you go:
"Style is personal, fashion is universal and swagger is an extremely silly word."
 So please don't lose that streak of madness to the manufactured convention. I implore.
I wear my weirdness with my clothes and so should you. 
I will be irregularly sharing my weirdness and my clothes through this blog. 
Feel free to hate/love/copy/share the looks or pieces. 
Let's be weird and amazing.

Because why the hell not?