Sunday, 1 February 2015

Black Hole Stun

"Black is such a happy colour darling!"
  - Morticia Adams

Colours are so important to us as a species. Animals, plants and trees don't get to decide what colour they will wear on a rainy day or a gloomy Monday morning.
They live with what they are blessed with, comforted by singularity.

And we, the people, are always so colour concious, thanks to the abundant choices.
Reds on dates, whites to meetings, yellow in summers, so on and so forth.

Yet somehow, the one colour that is always a constant is black, and for good reason. (For men and women, alike)Here's why:

- Black is unmatched and yet you never have to worry about matching it.

-Getting it stained or dirty is not a bother.

-It flatters every skin tone that will ever exist in the universe.

- It's all seasons, unlike mangoes. Sniff!

- Black instantly takes off a few pounds. Oh black, you beautiful illusion you!

-Black makes you look dressed up, even when you aren't trying. Last minute date? Get black. 

There are endless reasons why black is the king of colors, but the one reason why black is everlasting is because:
There's nothing more darker than black

I am wearing:

Long Black Dress with Neon Piping
Round Neon Sunnies
Black Oval Shades
Watch: Mont Blanc
Tan Brown Booties: Carlton London
Neck Piece: Khan Market

Location: Home
Photographer: Himanshu Rai <3

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