Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Black Maxi Woman

"Black is everything beautiful.
Everything shines brighter in black."

I went to Kolad, a remote hill around Pune.
The mood was black.
No, not the dark or sullen kind.
But introspective and bright, much like a night sky.

It was a forest mostly, with little to very less capitalist invasion. It was still very basic, effortless, unconditional, beautiful.
The lake mirrored the hills in the day.
Thin muddy roads zig-zaged their way to lead us from paddy fields to forest.
Turned of the ignition, the headlights, the guitar, and i truly understood what it is like to be alone in the universe, with nothing but darkness to comfort you, frighten you, only the sound of forest and hope in your wake.
The Thar flagrantly announced it's arrival.
Off-roading irons out what the city road crushes.
 Off-roading can set you free. Period.

There was a bonfire, amber stillness, barbecue not greenchik, dogs (pets and mongrels), friends, lover, tents (that the dogs shared :)) a beautiful orange wall, promises that only the firmament and the stars can testify and my long black dress.

From city lights to the darkness of a forest within 3 hours.
But this darkness was not mysterious. This darkness gave way to a million fireflies and few hearts that ached to get away from the trite.
It was black and it felt beautiful.
As did i.

I wore:
 Black Maxi dress with white tribal print.
 Round mirror-finish shades: Fashionara
A big beautiful ring. 
Brown Combat boots: Next

Heart on my sleeves.

Location: Kolad, Pune

Photographer : Himanshu Rai

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