Thursday, 25 June 2015

Gaze with Shades

I'm so shy now I wear sunglasses everywhere I go.
-Al Pacino

What's in the eyes?

A dark moon in a white river.
Sometimes there's a drizzle of hope,
But mostly it's a draught.

When they are tired of seeing,
they get busy dreaming
of things that will be forgotten,
Washed away with the dawn of caffeine.

Open, blink, darkness, light.
Swaying in zig-zag patterns of time,
Consistently shifty, constantly curious
Every person loved at a high shutter speed
If they blink, you simply miss.

What do the eyes see?  They ask.
If only they could listen to the eyes talk.
So in the dead of night, they see what they hear.
Texts that'll never reach,
Heartbeat, whimpers, colours and a smile.

In the mornings, made of dewy puzzles
The eyes seek that smile
A smile from a stranger,
A stranger to everyone but them.
Only an image of poignant warmth
Piercing the coy cornea, a pining tear drops.

The eyes seek no more, beauty skulked forever more
What's in the eyes now? They ask.
A picture mayhap, a story? Never to be known again
They got their shades on.

Inspired by my favourite Sun glasses of the season by an online store called PropShop24.
Check them out, they most definitely are the curators of all things cool.

Also, featuring Hippie Fringe bag and leather wrist band from my Paharganj Haul.
I can never grow out of that place. Leather bags, belts, wallets, footwear, books, and other things that shouldn't be named but inhaled, you will find it all in the bustling lanes of Central Delhi's Paharganj.

College is just around the corner for a lot of you lovelies, make sure to step in with the perfect pair of shades, bags and accessories.  It's not about looking perfect, it all about looking perfectly 'YOU'.

I am Wearing:

Nave New Age Sunnies:       PropShop24
Parrot Green Crop top:                    Zara
White Cut-Out skirt:         Naf Naf 
Leather Fringe Bag:    Paharganj
Leather Wrist band:    Paharganj

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 Photographer: Himanshu Rai

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