Sunday, 8 March 2015

Winter My Muse

Winter is to the heart what gravity is to the tree. It keeps you rooted. It keeps you free.

When you walk the streets on a gloomy, sun-deprived morning, nose deep-freezed, and a gust of silken chill brushes against your bare cheeks, what do you think?

I think of a lover from a past life left out in the cold for centuries trying to remind me of his/her existence. A sweeping kiss stolen under the stealth of a winter breeze.

Sometimes I wonder why every year, almost always around the same time, earth leaves a part of itself out in the cold?

Imagine the earth a teenage lady, and summer as "that time of the month". Winter becomes her only chance to feel the wind beneath her wings.
To feel like she can glide and sway and jump and collide like the whisper ads, to breathe without consequence.
The sun no longer the least of her worries.
The icy breeze merely doesn't  ruffle her hair and make her nose all crinkly and cold, it's everything else under the surface that becomes aware of their existence.

Coming back to why winters make me ridiculously happy. It seems to me like summer was the unwanted, unexpected guest that overstayed it's welcome and has finally left.
And i am left to my glory and books and quilt and woollen cuddles to spend the next few months like an indigenous from Greenland.
When an over-worked, overcharged laptop whispers and whirs, inviting you to share some warmth, you know it's winters.
When you don't need too much make-up or blusher to look fresh. When the holes in the sweater gives way to lovers to fill it with warmth.
When coffee, hugs and holding hands equals to love. Winter is like walking in a hollywood rom-com from the 90's. Sometimes i wonder how the West has the monopoly on all things cool. Winters, snow, James Dean, Charlie Sheen, Jesus, Miss Gaga, Christmas, you name it! Anyway.. :P

 Everything is more alive in winters. Summers just makes everything settle deep into the sediments. Winters shakes things up, like your 'cool' cousin from the states who introduced the concept of 'blunt' , 'double dips' and 'push-up bra'.
Winter makes you more aware of the body you live in, the soul you want to dive in and the boots you want to walk in. 

Everything is beautiful is layered is free is winter. 

Winter is earth's magic trick.
It gets as cold as you can conjure.

And like every magic trick, it will leave you gasping, wanting to witness the show again, knowing all too well, it's all but a trick.

I went to Mcleod-Dharamkot-Triund and i experienced snow.
And now winters will end, like all things ever really do.
With a fleeting silence, longing and photographs.

Winter Grub manifesting itself onto my cheeks.

leader of the pack. Mmmkay

Trek isn't over until your furry friend says so.

Che Grrrera of Swach Bharat Abhiyan

Not so tough after all, eh buddy? Proceeds to play tug.

This Maggi! #yummiez

Sit. Stare. Grasp. Wonder. Let go.

The 'Sweater'. Them Paws.

My Lana Del Ray moment

Enter the Void

I am Wearing:

Grey Overcoat
Faux Leather Pants- Only
Tribal Knit Cardigan
Gum Boots- FreeCultr
Tan Colour Suede Boots
Worn Out Levis
Neon Round Sunnies- Koovs

Photographer: Himanshu Rai