Sunday, 15 February 2015

Skirt. Love. Woof.

"I'd give you my last slice of bacon. It's true love bebeh."

It's all about love. *Yawn*
Just kidding.
I love love. I love how love means different things to different people.
Love is the only feeling that has no logical explanation.
Like the daily progression from night to day, the rotation of the earth, love propels us. Love moves us towards infinity everyday. 

Is the butterfly in love with the cocoon?  No. But the caterpillar is. Always will be. Much after it ceases to exist.

My love gifted me a tiny ball of fur a few months back. My love thinks i can be responsible for the life of another. I had my doubts. He din't.
I call him Dexter. A golden retriever.

He changed me.

He taught me the following things i was too selfish to fathom otherwise:

-Love can bite you. It won't know that it's hurting you. But it will bite you all the same. It will leave you with a clot in your heart. To play is to love is to hurt is to love.

-Love may not always agree with you, love will try to pull away from you with surging passion. And at that moment, don't tighten your grip or the leash. Trust and let go and walk in the  other direction. Love will come home to you, wiser.

-Love never changes. Love does not depreciate with time. You do.
And love does not need to balance out. Love is no balance sheet.

-Knowing how to be solitary is central to the art of loving. When you can be alone, you can be with others without using them as an escape.

 -When love comes running to you and tugs at your skirt, believe that it is love and it will always be. Even though it  might just be the scent of the burger in your bag.

 Because one day, the burgers will not come home, you will. And love will still come running  to you.
Unconditional. Unwavering. Slobbering.

I am wearing:
Sequinned Black and white skirt
Off-shoulder Black Zipper Top
 Floral Printed Jacket
Antic stone Neck piece from Kashmir
Semi-precious Stone ring
Combat Boots

Featuring : DEXTER <3

Photographer: Himanshu Rai

Koop - Strange Love from Anthony Semler on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Black Maxi Woman

"Black is everything beautiful.
Everything shines brighter in black."

I went to Kolad, a remote hill around Pune.
The mood was black.
No, not the dark or sullen kind.
But introspective and bright, much like a night sky.

It was a forest mostly, with little to very less capitalist invasion. It was still very basic, effortless, unconditional, beautiful.
The lake mirrored the hills in the day.
Thin muddy roads zig-zaged their way to lead us from paddy fields to forest.
Turned of the ignition, the headlights, the guitar, and i truly understood what it is like to be alone in the universe, with nothing but darkness to comfort you, frighten you, only the sound of forest and hope in your wake.
The Thar flagrantly announced it's arrival.
Off-roading irons out what the city road crushes.
 Off-roading can set you free. Period.

There was a bonfire, amber stillness, barbecue not greenchik, dogs (pets and mongrels), friends, lover, tents (that the dogs shared :)) a beautiful orange wall, promises that only the firmament and the stars can testify and my long black dress.

From city lights to the darkness of a forest within 3 hours.
But this darkness was not mysterious. This darkness gave way to a million fireflies and few hearts that ached to get away from the trite.
It was black and it felt beautiful.
As did i.

I wore:
 Black Maxi dress with white tribal print.
 Round mirror-finish shades: Fashionara
A big beautiful ring. 
Brown Combat boots: Next

Heart on my sleeves.

Location: Kolad, Pune

Photographer : Himanshu Rai

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Black Hole Stun

"Black is such a happy colour darling!"
  - Morticia Adams

Colours are so important to us as a species. Animals, plants and trees don't get to decide what colour they will wear on a rainy day or a gloomy Monday morning.
They live with what they are blessed with, comforted by singularity.

And we, the people, are always so colour concious, thanks to the abundant choices.
Reds on dates, whites to meetings, yellow in summers, so on and so forth.

Yet somehow, the one colour that is always a constant is black, and for good reason. (For men and women, alike)Here's why:

- Black is unmatched and yet you never have to worry about matching it.

-Getting it stained or dirty is not a bother.

-It flatters every skin tone that will ever exist in the universe.

- It's all seasons, unlike mangoes. Sniff!

- Black instantly takes off a few pounds. Oh black, you beautiful illusion you!

-Black makes you look dressed up, even when you aren't trying. Last minute date? Get black. 

There are endless reasons why black is the king of colors, but the one reason why black is everlasting is because:
There's nothing more darker than black

I am wearing:

Long Black Dress with Neon Piping
Round Neon Sunnies
Black Oval Shades
Watch: Mont Blanc
Tan Brown Booties: Carlton London
Neck Piece: Khan Market

Location: Home
Photographer: Himanshu Rai <3